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Draft Beer

For our customers with larger quantities of beer sales, or for the holidays, we also offer beer by the keg. Through new technology Co2 is no longer needed which on this island is sometimes difficult to find if you don't live in Santo Domingo or Santiago.

We offer OneWay Kegs which when empty can simply be disposed of. Should you however live on the coast, you could offer them to the local fishermen who use them to tie up their nets in the water.

The 2-line beerpump with compensation valve can be used to dispense weizenbier (wheat beer) without any problems. The pump has a continuous cooling system which automatically cools the beer to the necessary drinking temperature with a capacity of 40l/hr., 230V connection is necessary.

It would however be advantageous if the kegs could be cooled ahead of time which can be done in a refrigerator or a botellero.

The kegs have a diameter of 400mm and are 434mm high. We of course offer the needed taps for this system.

Further, the airpressure of about 2,5 bar is needed which can be provided by a simple air compressor which you'll find in any building supply store. An oil free airpressure is needed so be aware when purchasing the compressor!

Since the air does not come in contact with the beer a longer durability for the beer is ensured.

I will be available any time for further technical information.

Dispenser for 30 L Keg's

Budweiser Budvar, Česk Budějovice
Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain