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Comparison with the standard water desinfection method

Chlorine Copper/silver
1. Permanent pH monitoring required, at least once weekly 1. No necessity for pH monitoring
2. Permanent chlorine monitoring required, at least once weekly 2. Measurement of copper levels every 3 months
3. Causes reddened, irritated eyes 3. No eye irritation
4. Causes dry, flaking skin 4. Silky soft skin
5. Storage of the product and frequent replenishment 5. Electrodes have a life of 4 - 5 years
6. Marked odour, particularly in public baths 6. Water with neutral odour
7. Corrosive risk to users, particularly if fluid chlorine is used 7. Fully automatic, risk-free release of ions
8. Use of additional agents required to regulate pH 8. No agents required for pH regulation
9. Bath requires supervision over longer periods of absence 9. No supervision necessary during absence
10. Use of additional flocculators necessary 10. Automatic flocculation
11.Use of agents necessary during winter breaks 11. No algae formed during winter periods
12. Use of algaecides necessary 12. No additional algaecidal agents required
13. Showering advisable after bathing 13. Bathing in drinking quality water
14. Can cause irritation of respiratory tract 14. Water contains no irritants
15. Risk of corrosive effects on pool elements and environment 15. No corrosive characteristics
16. Hard water 16. Detectably softer water thanks to electrolysis
17. Low buffer capacity 17. Constant release of ions
18.Chlorine is a potential health risk 18. Copper is healthy (essential element).
19. Expensive to maintain 19. Maintenance cost less than 50% of chlorine systems
20. Requires extensive maintenance 20. Minimal maintenance
21. Chlorinated water should be changed once annually 21. No water change necessary
22. Replacement of filter sand every 2 3 years 22. Replacement of filter sand every 10 years
23. Expensive when basalt and hydroanthracite are used 23. Standard quartz sand can be used for filters
24. Rapid loss of efficacy if exposed to strong sunlight 24. Environmental influences have no effect
25. Backwash water must be discarded 25. Backwash water can be used to water plants